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12-11-2021 04:20:26 AM

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Dota 2 gameplay. Dota 2 live. Arteezy stream.
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Professional carry player for team Evil Geniuses. Mostly playing carry in my pubs and occasionally mid and offlane.

How old are you?
I'm 25 years old.

Where are you from?
Born in Uzbekistan, Tashkent. Moved to Canada when I was young, and been here ever since.

Streaming schedule?
I'm going to try to stream during the weekdays, unless I have matches to prepare for or in general scrims. Won't be streaming on weekends mostly.

How long have you been playing dota 2?
I've been playing Dota 2 since late 2011. Received the beta through a raffle on a dota forum and played ever since then. Started as a mid player spamming SF then grew as time went on. I was one of those first pick SF players. Sorry

When will you use a webcam?
I seem to have an elusive webcam, I keep losing it in my closet, perhaps when I find it! You may be surprised randomly who knows xd

Subscribers-only discord:
Type !discord in the chatroom to find instructions to join my subscribers discord. I don't have any immediate plans, but may consider doing community events in the future.

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